It was September 24th of 2000 and it was a beautiful autumn day. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. My mother and father were both outside hunting on that opening day of the deer season. My mother, whom was over 9 months pregnant, felt a kick within her womb. BAM! Her water broke. My parents, were out in the heart of the woods with no cell phone signal and the car was many miles away. Henceforth, my dad used his wilderness survival skills and found a way to have his wife give birth to child right then and there, in the awe of the creation. My dad simply used his survival knife and cut the umbilical cord. Out came the baby. For all mother’s give birth to a child, but not this mom, she gave birth to an outdoor legend. His name was BLAKE.

Boy, do I wish that was how my birth actually happened. It didn’t though, but…yeah, I have no idea how it happened. However, it probably in hospital bed and out came me, for the first thing I saw was my father with a deer’s blood all over his camo outfit. Nope, that didn’t happen either. Honestly, I was born just like everyone else.

Time quickly flew by and when 2013 had rolled around, I began to find a small interest within the pursuits of the outdoors. At teen camp that year, an outdoor role model in my life, named Bryan May, had taken me fishing. Because of that one fishing moment, it lead me to many opportunities and a burning passion for the skills in the outdoors. I began pursuing every outdoor activity from that point on. From fishing to trapping, I began to learn. I built so much outdoor knowledge in my head that my school knowledge didn’t even compare.

My passion in the outdoors only began to grow and grow. In May of 2014, I began writing a book called The Outdoorsmen Bible. Little did I know that the book I was writing would change everything. I began to pursue the art of writing and the outdoors. I loved it! Later that year, I had my book published and from that point on, I knew I wanted to be an outdoorsman ad build a career from it. I even made a blog about the outdoors called The Art of an Outdoorsman, which the still is growing day by day.

I wrote more books throughout the following year and I found an outdoor writing contest at Outdoor News. I quickly told my mom about it and she told me to go for it. I wrote a story about how a fox, that I had trapped, was camouflaged with the red leaves and how it had almost took a chunk out of my leg. It was a breath-taking story. I sent it into Ohio Outdoor News and months later I receive a letter in the mail saying that I won! I was so excited.

In March of 2016, I received an email from the editor of Survival Life asking me, a 15-year-old boy, to write for their huge website and e-magazine. I didn’t believe it at first, but it was legit! My first article for them was called “Trap for Your Life” which turned into a 10-part series. Writing for Survival Life gave me many more writing opportunities. I later ended up finding myself writing for over 15 different companies. God surely did bless me.

While writing for Survival Life, an international radio station called WRVO Radio Network 1, contacted me asking me if I wanted my own RADIO SHOW!!! I really thought it was a scam, at first. Once I found out it was real, I freaked out. I accepted their offer and established The Outdoorsman’s Art Media which was my blog, my articles, and my radio show. I named the show after my media group, The Outdoorsman’s Art Radio Show. It was a dream come true.

Today, I continue pursuing the wonder of the outdoors; having many opportunities to talk to several outdoor celebrities, writing for magazines, being interviewed often, and just growing my own outdoor work. As of recently, I have been asked to be the Editor-in-Chief at Survivalist Daily and, of course, I accepted the opportunity. Starting May of 2017, I got the privilege outdoor TV's very first talk show and airs on Hunt Channel!  

Someone once told me I was lucky, but you know, luck is only when hard work meets opportunity. Simply, anyone could have done what I have done. They would just have to spend the time to do it and get their priorities straight. As a 17-year-old and being homeschooled, I had tons of time to waste, but I decided that I would not waste my teenage years playing videos games or scrolling through my social media all day. I knew that if I started young, it would benefit me for the future. I only wish that every child had the same passion and zeal toward the outdoors as I do, but modern technology has stood in the way of the Master’s creation. Hence, it is my goal to bring back the creation of God back into the hearts of children and teenagers, to revive that dying art of an outdoorsman. That is my outdoorsman’s calling!

Blake Alma

Copyright Blake Alma