Blake Alma resigned his role as an outdoor advocate and personality in August of 2018. Blake became known for his outdoor accomplishments at his young age. It defined him. After 4 years of working in the outdoor industry, he saw a shift of reactions to his work. As he got older, he saw the endless, godless hate from opposing parties more than he saw a loving and accepting outdoor community. As a result due to the endless hate and his fleeing teenhood, he stepped down from hosting The Outdoor Experience and his other outdoor roles. Before he resigned, he announced that his younger co-host would take over his work but they had an unfortunate falling out because of conflicting religious differences. He then attempted to have a dear friend of his that was an inspiring, handicapped sportsman take over. However, after long chats and deep thoughts, Blake's friend came to the conclusion that God wanted him to go in a different direction.  Blake entirely understood his friend's decision. Blake did not renew his contract with the Hunt Channel for another season of his show and the show was removed off of CarbonTV.

As of December of 2018, Blake now lives on his own in Cincinnati, Ohio. He of course still hunts, but each day he has grown more and more fond of fishing. After year since his resignation, he has been living the quite life. Recently, Blake has been putting together a different program. As of January 2020, he started a new blog with a parody-named (CoinHub) coin collectors blog. Talking all things coins and precious medals on several different social platforms. Blake has achieved over 200,000 followers and 12 million views on TikTok's CoinHub!

"The world behind me, the cross before me."  ~ Blake's high school graduation speech



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